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Coronation (Police) Medal 1911

Date Instituted: 1911.

Description: The obverse of this medal bears the bust of King George V while the reverse has a crown in the centre with an ornate surround and the words 'CORONATION 1911' below. Above are the words appropriate to the branch of service of the recipient. These include 'METROPOLITAN POLICE', 'CITY OF LONDON POLICE', COUNTY AND BOROUGH POLICE', 'POLICE AMBULANCE SERVICE', 'LONDON FIRE BRIGADE', 'ROYAL IRISH CONSTABULARY', 'SCOTTISH POLICE', ST JOHN AMBULANCE BRIGADE', 'ST ANDREW'S AMBULANCE CORPS' and 'ROYAL PARKS'. The ribbon is attached via a loop on top of an ornate claw mount.

Metal: Silver.

Size: 36mm.

Clasps: Non authorised for this medal.

Ribbon: Red with three narrow blue stripes.

Naming: Engraved capital letters.

Comments: Awarded to members of the above mentioned services for their involvement in the parades and celebrations of King George V's coronation in 1911.

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