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Constabulary Medal (Ireland)

Date Instituted: 1842.

Description: Two version of the medal exist. The first obverse of this medal has a crowned harp within a wreath with the inscription 'REWARD OF MERIT - IRISH CONSTABULARY' while the second has the insription 'REWARD OF MERIT - ROYAL IRISH CONSTABULARY' to recognise the addition of 'ROYAL' to the name of the Irish Constabulary in 1867. There are also slight differences to the harp with the second version being more plain without the female figure found on the earlier medal. The reverse of both medals have a wreath within which is engraved the name of the recipient. The suspender is straight, plain and rectangular.

Metal: Silver.

Size: 36mm.

Bars: Authorised for subsequent awards in 1920.

Ribbon: Originally light blue but changed to green in 1872.

Naming: Impressed capital letters.

Comments: Awarded for gallantry and meritorous service to officers of the Irish Constabulary until 1872 when it was awarded for gallantry only. With the partition of Ireland in 1922 the medal was discontinued.

Some 315 medals with 7 bars were awarded. Most awards were made during the Easter Rising in 1916 (23) and the Anglo-Irish War in 1920-21 (235).

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